Monday, September 19, 2011

magically delicious

While on vacation...

Dave: Let's get matching tattoos!

Jessica: Totally. What should we get?

Dave: Let's get the Lucky Charm marshmallows going around our arm. That way we'll have stars, moons, hearts, clovers, and horseshoes. We'll have everything pretty much covered!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

vocab test

Dave: Did you see that guy?

Jessica: No, which one?

Dave: the guy pushing the .....what's it called....the baby wheel chair. Oh. STROLLER!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

and the cheese stands alone

on our phones, trying to find each other in the grocery store

Dave: Where are you??

Jessica: By the cheese

Dave: Ok, dont move. I'm on my way.

Still on the phone....

Dave: you are NOT by the cheese. I'M by the cheese!!

Jessica: what are you talking about?! I'm standing right next to the cheese.


Jessica: The cheese counter

Dave: Cheeses of Nazareth! I'll be right over....

corn mob

After standing in a mob of people trying to get corn at the State Fair

Jessica: Oh my word! I'm surprised you made it out alive

Dave: It was a dark place in there Jess. I did and said things I'm not proud of, and will never be spoken of again.

painters tape

While Dave is taking tape off the basement ceiling

Jessica: Oh, there's tape still on the dining room ceiling from our reunion!

Dave: Hmm.....just paint over it.

things heard around the house

"sometimes I just need to chill and watch some Family Ties on my phone"

"Not everyone has been blessed with an outspoken wife...."

"cool guys call"