Friday, July 1, 2011

instead of a bathroom, it's a pile of garbage

Dave: are we on a standoff to see who will take out the bathroom trash?

Jessica: oops! no, I was going to take it out after I vacuumed and I forgot.

Dave: oh, I see we have just started using the floor as the trash bin, so as soon as that fills up, I'm sure one of us will take care of it....

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Dr Pecker said...

Wondering if Jessica's "Opps, I will take care of that" (trash) working like an Obamaism? It is an art, once perfected. "I will get employment down to 8%."

However, Dave has more direct recourse Jessica! Thus, you may find that the "oops, no ... I was going to..." approach might not be as effective for you as it is for Obama. Its a micro vs macro thing.

Try a women's lib approach instead. Tell him you cook the crap, he can do his part to carry the vestiges of the crap out to the garbage, noting that being such a strong man that he could easily fight out dogs, bears or bad guys to which you, merely a women, would surely succumb.